Today I worked for a holiday Bazaar in December,

I am unsure how much to make and what will sell. It is a total open book to me. I had this idea for mug sleeves and I LOVE MAKING THEM … So much fu I have thousand ideas but I am holding myself back 😉 💞

Worst case scenario I will have a lot of cozies after Christmas to send to family and friend. 😀



My little plane and helicopter!

Well actually it is not to little with it’s ca 12″ length 😀 and just fun for little hand to explore and play with. I added a rattle to it – for some extra fun. The first plane was created in 2012 – when my husband asked me to create Lion. Well I know a little far off 😉

I just had no great idea for a cool lion … maybe one day I will. So instead i made a plane and he loved it probably a little bit more than he would have loved a lion. The first plane was what started my little etsy shop since my husband decided to show it to his boss … well and he loved it as well and ordered 10 more … for all the babies that were born. Then he ordered 15 … and some other people ordered some … I still make them 🙂

With the time I had requests for some changes on the planes … so now I have AWACS plane, a rescue plane, passenger plane & the newest a helicopter. All planes are made with lots of love and time & quality fabrics!



So much fun …

I have so many fabulous creative crafters who tested my designs and made wonderful things. I want to share some of their creations!

In between of making new designs for Cutting machines I created some fun plush Animals etc. – I wished the day had more hours to be able to create Patterns for all my Ideas 🙂

Wirting is not really my favorite thing in this world but I want to try to get better at it 😉


Created by Maike – Thank you so much!!!





My name is Rachel and I design and create custom baby & kids toys and things for your home. All Items can be embroidered with you individual message or name (size restrictions may apply)

In early 2012 my husband asked me to create a baby gift for one of his coworkers and I came up with the idea of creating a small version of the plane they worked on. This little plane had a bigger impact than expected and I was requested to make many more in order to give everyone the chance to have one.

Most of my creations are made out of quality cotton fabric … I just love fabric. I design pretty much everything myself and love to create custom ideas/requests 🙂

The start … blog here I go …

I always wanted to start my blog … actually I tried but I just never really find a good way to do it. So now here I am trying on wordpress.

Me that is a SAHM with a little etsy business who tries to build a career next to family. Ok ok ok I am still thinking about finding a little Job … just would like to have some extra security 🙂

I started my online business in June 2013 after we moved to San Diego California. It has always been my dream to make a little money with my creativity. And the past 6 month have been a learning curve … still learning and loving it.

This site is well about my loved ones, being creative, my little business and well me ;-)